Tuesday, September 25, 2007

See Last post for chances to win Blog Candy

Don't forget the blog candy quizzes, See the post before this one. If you answer two quizzes, and sign my guestbook, you have 3 chances to enter. The quizzes are below this post, not this post. I am so glad that I am stickers, LOL!

What scrapbooking item are you?

You are STICKERS!You like brightening things up in life and decorating your living space with your own personal style. You are versatile and able to get things done with a stick-to-it attitude. People love your colorful personality and personal flair! You like exploring new things and are willing to try anything once. But Stickers beware - sometimes you like to stick to someone that you like a little too much and take them into your confidence a little too easily. Your personality tends to make you a steadfast friend, but make sure the friends you choose are worth your efforts!
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Gerrie said...

I'm glue that holds things together

Shannon McGann said...

What a great quiz! I'm off to go find out what I am!

Angel Wilde said...

I was paper. SO true too!